Industry – Institute Collaboration

Internship Program

The summer internship program widens the student’s perspective by providing exposure to work in organizations. Students undergo 30-45 days of training with Industry giants such as Coca Cola, Capgemini, IIT Roorkee, Software AG and many more. Internship (Paid) opportunities during their 8th Semester, provides students an early entry into the companies such as KPIT, Unisys, Phillips, Infosys, Wipro, Pathpartner, Evertz, Amazon, Nutanix, OneDirect, Axiscades, SUBEX etc.

We understand that Industry – Institute collaboration is an important aspect for placements. The institute has signed MoUs with companies such as Infosys, Wipro, Unisys, KPIT, Subex, Zenken, Siemens and Element6. The MoU’s are designed to equip our students with the relevant advanced industrial skills and thereon placements for the students.

Implementation of industry collaboration:

SME’s from various companies are invited to give guest lectures that provide an insight to students, on cutting edge technology and industry practices.