The Computer Science and Engineering department was established in 2001. The objective of the department is to educate, train and develop world class research and IT professionals.

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To be a center of excellence in the field of Computer Science and Engineering, imparting sustainable quality education along with ethical values.

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A gamut of innovative projects, which are funded by various state and research institutions have been accomplished by the Computer Science department...

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Workshop & Training

Hands-on Workshop on Network Simulations using ns-3 [31st July - 6th August 2017]

About Workshop

Ns-3 is a discrete-event network simulator for Internet systems, targeted primarily for research and educational use.ns-3 software infrastructure encourages the development of simulation models which are sufficiently realistic to allow ns-3 to be used as a real time network emulator, interconnected with the real world and which allows many existing real-world protocol implementations to be reused within ns-3.

In this workshop, the aim is to familiarize the participants with the state of the art simulation tools. The workshop will introduce the basics of network simulators and major components of NS2 and ns-3. It highlights its scope for networking research. ns-3 encourages the development of simulation models which are sufficiently realistic to allow ns-3 to be used as a real time network emulator, interconnected with the real world and allows many existing real-world protocol implementations to be reused within ns-3. Also, covers the simulation environment of these simulators and performance analysis of the protocols.

Why to attend the workshop

Network simulation is one of the most prevalent evaluation methodologies in the area of computer networks. The network simulators allow one to model an arbitrary computer network by specifying both the behavior of the network nodes and the communication channels. It provides a virtual environment for an assortment of desirable features.

Network simulators are used by people from different areas such as academic researchers, industrial developers, and Quality Assurance (QA) to design, simulate, verify, and analyze the performance of different networks protocols. They can also be used to evaluate the effect of the different parameters on the protocols being studied.

Workshop contents

Day1: Introduction of NS3 Simulation environment

Day2: Installation of Net Anim, Basic Commands, First Program

Day3: Analyzing the performance of networks, Packet capture using wire shark tool

Day4: Protocol Cloning, Transfer of real data.

Day5: Emulation using ns3

Day6: Research areas and problems.

Who can attend?

The workshop is open to faculty and research scholars. Industry personnel working in the concerned/allied discipline may also apply.

The participants can fill up the application form by providing all the necessary


INVATI-2017an exhibition of Projects which showcased the innovative ideas and talent of young minds with projects such as Robotics, Internet of things, Big Data Analytic, Cloud Computing ,Mobile Apps,Drones and Wireless Sensor Networks was organized by the Department of Computer science and Engineering on 19th April 2017

Members from the industry as well as academia such as Mr. Bajantri, Advisor, Spectrum Infotech, L &T, Bangalore; Dr. G. Raghunath, CTO, Senzwiz Technologies; Mr. Santosh B R, Development Lead, Mahindra Comviva; Mr. Vinaydath Shivprasad, Director, Acendre India Pvt Ltd.; Dr. Madhusudhana H S, Software Development Manager, Oracle Software Ltd.; Mr. Puneet Sharma, Developer, Mahindra Comviva; Mrs. Suman Giridhar, FulcrumEdu; Dr. Jharna Majumdhar, Dean R&D; Dr. Sanjay HoD, ISE, NMIT; Mr. Sitaram Yaji, Associate Prof, ECE, NMIT; and Mr Sankar Dasiga, Associate Prof, ECE,NMIT appreciated and ranked the projects, the best five were awarded prizes. An interaction with representatives from the industry and an overall view of the exhibited projects will enable the pre-final year students to make appropriate project choices in the final year.

Basics of Networking

Workshop on "Basics of Networking" from 10th to 12th , January 2017, Sponsored by Technical Education Quality Improvement Program-II, organized by Computer Science and engineering Department, NitteMeenakshi Institute of technology, Bangalore for Staff. Resource person for the workshop was Mr.Amith from Karnataka German Technical Training Institute, Bangalore and certified by CISCO. Around 25 participants (Teaching and Non- Teaching) from various departments of NMIT attended the workshop..

Mobile Application Development using Android

Hands-on Workshop on "Mobile Application Development using Android" from 11th to 16th January 2017.Organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, NMIT Bangalore, this was attended by 70+ participants. The Resource persons were Mr Ashok Kumar S Alumni of year 2014, Himanshu Aggarwal,Pavan Deshpande.The topics like Comprehensive step by step on creating android hello world application, Introduction to DOM and Standard Java code practices for android, counter app, Camera App, Proximity app, Accelerometer app explanation and code distributed were discussed.

Data Analytics using Hadoop and Cloud

Hands-on Faculty Development Program for 6 days "Data Analytics using Hadoop and Cloud", from 17th to21st, January 2017Organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, NMIT, Bangalore, Sponsored by TEQIP II. The Resource persons were Ms.Jyothi, Ms. Indumathi, Ms.Banumathi and Mr. Kalmesh from FULCRUMEDU, Which was attended by 40+ Participants from NMIT and various other colleges from Bangalore. The topics like Big Data concepts, Hadoop Architecture, installing Hadoop using sandbox image, explore HDFS Hadoop Distributed File System, MAPREDUCE, word-count program execution, CASE STUDIES, Introduction to PIG and HIVE, Hands-on HIVE,PIG.Cloud Computing, Cloud architecture and Virtualization,, Hands on about PaaS in by creating own account were discussed.

Workshop on Agile Methodologies

6 days Hands-on Workshop on Agile Methodologies from 8-13 August 2016 by Mr. Hari Shankar B Gand and Mr. Nivarthi Jayaram (ANZ Operations and Technology Bangalore) was organized jointly by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering and the Department of Information Science & Engineering which was attended by 37 participants from all over Bangalore.

Project on Drones

Drone racing is a sport where in pilots compete with each other by flying through obstacles and getting the best lap time. A racing drone is a very fast and acrobatic aircraft which is remotely piloted with the help of a FPV system. The drone comprises of 2300kv Cobra motors, 20 Amp DYS electronic speed controllers, Xracer flight controller, a power distribution board and a FPV system. A project on drones is carried out by Devesh Kiran Hegde, Abhishek and Dhanush Manangi under the guidance of Dr. M N Thippeswamy, Prof & HoD of Computer Science and Engineering Department.


The Department of Computer Science & Engineering has organized a 6-day hands workshop on "Hands-on Advanced Workshop on NS-3" in February 2016. The workshop was attended by 50+ faculty members, external participants from various colleges together and NMIT and students. This workshop helped the participants initiate research work. NS3 simulator helped participants understand the network behavior with real time applications.

Train the trainer program (TTT) on "Python Programming Fundamentals conducted by Infosys Limited at Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore in January,2016

Faculty and students at NMIT have colloquiums for teaching staff and students. The Computer Science department coordinates these colloquiums. Central to the colloquium is the idea of intellectual freedom — your freedom to pick a topic that mirrors your interests and to pursue questions that fire your imagination. Faculty from every department and program across the campus teach in the College Colloquium.

The Colloquium accomplishes several objectives:

  • Preparing Faculty and students to present papers at conferences.
  • Giving Faculty and students the benefit of comment and critique by fellow staff and fellow students.
  • Showcasing faculty and student research so that it can be more effectively communicated to the audience.
  • Highlighting the importance of impact measures in assessing research.

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering has organized a 5-day hands workshop on "Network Simulator using NS3" in June 2015. The workshop was attended by about 80 faculty members, many external participants from various colleges together along with NMIT faculty and students. This workshop helped the faculty members as well as students initiate research work. NS3 simulator helped participants understand the network behaviour with real time applications.

The two eminent speakers at the workshop were Dr. Mohit P Tahiliani, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, NITK, Surathkal, Karnataka and Mr. Deepak Nadig, Director, SOLUTT Solutions, Bangalore, Karnataka.


Photo of the Inaugural Function.

Conferences and Seminars

Department of Computer Science & Engineering along with the Department of MCA organized the 3rd International Conference on "Emerging Research in Computing, Information, Communication and Applications "ERCICA 2015" in July-August 2015

Seminar on " Preparation for placements" by our Alumni student Mr. Karthik G, Sr. Analyst and Tech Specialist, Security testing, Paladion, Bangalore on 18th September 2015.

Faculty Development Programme (FDP) titled "Cognitive Science and Brain Computer Interface" sponsored by Visvesvaraya Technological University – Vision Group Science and Technology (VTU-VGST), 2011 at M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bengaluru. –attended by Kavitha Sooda

Campus Connect Faculty Enablement Program", Infosys Limited, Mysore, June 2012. –attended by Dr. Saroja Devi

Workshop on "Research Methodologies and Latex" held at KS School of Engg & Management, organized by VTU eLearning Center June 2012, - attended by Prathibha Ballal and Vijaya Shetty, Vidyadevi G Biradar .

Workshop on "Introduction to Research Methodology" conductd by IIT Bombay. Organized by Mechanical Dept NMIT, July 2012 . from 25th June to 4th July 2012 –attended by Prathibha Ballal.

National Conference on Emerging Trends in Technology "NCET-Tech" organised by Nagarjuna College of Engineering & Technology, April 2012 .–attended by Mohan BA.

Workshop on "Simulation of Wired and Wireless Networks (SWN - 2012)" organized by NITK, Surathkal, Mangalore, June 2012. . –attended by Mohan BA

Workshop on "Software agents" organised by MSRIT, March 2012.
"An International Conference on "Emerging Research in Computing, Information, Communication and Applications" ERCICA-2013 was conducted by the Department of CSE and MCA in August 2013. ERCICA-2013 was organized under the patronage of Dr.Vinay Hedge, President and Dr.N R Shetty, Advisor, Nitte Education Trust. Dr.H.C.Nagaraj, Principal, NMIT is the Conference Chair and the Program Chairs are Dr.Nalini.N, HOD, CSE and Dr.Prasad N H, HOD, MCA of NMIT.

"Five Day Workshop on Emerging Trends in Image and Video Processing" January 2013

DBMS workshop" May 2013.


The department organizes workshops that facilitate interaction with experts from the industry. Experts and representatives of senior leadership from prestigious organizations participate in these workshops.

  • Two day Hands-on Workshop on "Managing Big Data" was organized in 2015. Subject matter experts from IBM, \Peepultech and Info vision were present along with Staff Members and Students from NMIT
  • Five day Workshop on "Data Mining Techniques and Big Data" was organized in 2014. Subject matter experts from CDAC, Dell, DRDO, the Indian Institute of Science and IBM were present along with Staff Members and Students from NMIT.
  • Workshop on "Emerging Trends in Image & Video Processing" was organized in January 2013. NMIT. Senior representative from TCS, DRDO, Siemens and the University joined the enlightening discussions.

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