Innovative Research Project #7

Hexa-Pod Robot

Hexapod is a robot with six legs. It can easily walk over obstacles of height lower than 5cm. Legs of the hexapod are designed using kinematics link mechanism. The robot is actuated by 12 high torque servo motors. Six servo motors for the up and down motion of legs and six servo motors for to and fro motion. The robot is powered by 12v 5000mAh Lipo battery. Twelve Buck modules are used as voltage regulators to reduce voltage from 12v to 5v which is required for servo motors. Arduino Uno is used to control the synchronized motion or movement of the legs.

The dimension of the robot is 50cm x 45cm x 25cm. The weight of the robot is about 3.5kg. Walking speed is about 0.1 m/sec. Material used to build the robot is acrylic and aluminium.

The robot was designed & developed to take part in ROBOGAMES 2015 (World's largest robotics competition), which will be held at San Mateo, California, USA. Hexa-Pod Robot has been designed and developed by Mr. Sunil S who is a 4th Sem Aero student. Mr. Minraj Nepali who is a, Research Associate helped Mr. Sunil Both are at NMIT.