Innovative Research Project #1

Design & Development of Advanced Robot for Interactive Applications (ARIA)

The Centre for Robotics Research (CRR) has indigenously designed and developed an Andro-humanoid robotic head called ARIA (Advanced Robot for Interactive Applications). In India, this robot is unique. Nothing like this is available in India. ARIA is capable of interacting with human beings by mimicking their facial expressions.

ARIA comprises of as many as twelve degrees of freedom (9 DOF in the face & 3 DOF for the neck). These are actuated by high torque precision dynamixel servo motors and micro servo motors. ARIA mimics human facial expressions such as happiness, surprise, sadness and fear.

For cognition ARIA uses external camera to perceive its surroundings and to interact with human beings. Advances computer vision algorithms are being developed to recognize the human face and its expressions. Robust control algorithms are being developed to facilitate real time interaction between ARIA and humans.

ARIA can be utilized as a research platform to study advanced topics such as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, computer vision system and HRI dynamics between humans and robots. This project is one step in the direction of realizing the design and development of humanoid robots. The CRR would like to acknowledge the continuous support extended by Prof N. R. Shetty, Advisor NMIT for jointly funding this project along with Innovative Entrepreneurship Development Cell (IEDC).

Figure 1 Normal
Figure 2 Mouth Open
Figure 3 Sad
Figure 4 Roll head Right
Figure 5 Turn Left
Figure 6 Turn Right
Figure 7 Watch Left
Figure 8 Anger
Figure 9 Sleep