Center FOR Nanomaterials & MEMS

About the Center

Research in nano materials and MEMS has recently gained momentum with many academicians, researchers and industries taking active part in it. The Centre has been carrying out collaborative work with all National MEMS Design Centre across the country with the help of Professors at CeNSE and ECE Departments of Indian Institute of Science (IISc). The area is a multidisciplinary field hence when students and faculty take active part in this research, they get a complete view of different facets of Science and Technology and it applications. This helps in building a connection between industry and academia.The Centre for Nanomaterials and MEMS at NMIT, has been instituted to nurture the research abilities and innovative thinking capabilities among the students and faculty members. The objective is to give knowledge and create awareness on the important facets of different technologies, highlighting the current trends and future directions in multidisciplinary areas like Electronics, Energy, chemical, Civil, Mechanical, Space, Medicine, Health care etc.

In the Centre for Nanomaterials and MEMS (CNM) at NMIT, we have dynamic multidisciplinary group of researchers oriented and working for the objectives, in the following research areas:


To serve a diverse multidisciplinary field of research encompassing the knowledge of basic sciences and Engineering disciplines


The work being carried out currently in the centre