Center of Design Engineering and Process Simulations

Centre for Design Engineering and Process Simulation (CDEPS) is a collaborative platform for design innovation and design solutions in association with industry and professionals. The Centre uses software for conceptual design, preliminary design, product development, process simulation, design optimization for product and process through simulation and manufacturing tools.


The objective for the Center is to create an environment where students, design professionals and faculty can access world-class resources for design, analysis and manufacturing methodologies in support of efficient product development.

Thrust Areas of Research


 3D Solid Modeling- Part Modeling, Assembly & Surface Design


 Design of Aerospace & Automotive products


 Ergonomics for Vehicle Design


 Engineering Optimization


 Tool Design


 Structural & Thermal Analysis


 Robotics-Static, Kinematic, Dynamic analysis & Task simulation

The focus of CDEPS is to develop today's engineers into tomorrow's professionals by moulding them to be creative and innovative professionals who can provide solutions for real life problems through interdisciplinary activities. The Centre provides 3D design solutions to create mechanical, automotive and aero products based on industrial designs. The tools used in the Centre help in designing products based on kinematics; create best-in-class surfaces for applications in Automotive and Aerospace applications. Students and faculty working in CDEPS design products with aesthetic and ergonomic shapes using Knowledge-Based Engineering, Geometry and Finite element based optimization of design, Jigs and Tooling Design, Mold Tooling Design and 3D Electrical Design.

The CDEPS is equipped with:

Students and faculty at the Center work on innovative and creative development of design components from the conceptual phase to the product development phase. This is done through process simulation and optimization in diverse areas of specialization.