Placement Overview

The Training & Placement Department is an indispensable pillar of the Institute, which plays a pivotal role in the employability of the graduating students. This department continuously strives to help students acquire employment relevant skills, so that they can pursue their career goals, with challenging roles in the industry. More than 100+ reputed companies visit our campus, every year. Industries ranging from technology and software, to civil and architecture, to consulting and e-commerce, NMIT alumni are employed and are applying their educational qualifications and skills, across various domains. This is a commitment by the Placement Dept. to the NMIT students.

We recognize the power and strength of our educational methods and this has tremendously impacted in providing the best suitable placements, for the NMIT students in the industry. Our Department is a pious place, where our prospective engineers create and develop skills to hone perfection, relevant to the future responsibilities which they will efficiently shoulder in the work place. We trust in this saying, "To reap the benefits tomorrow, we need to sow the seeds today" and we act upon it. We earnestly work to transform the talent pool through training programs by the experts from the industry. The Department is proactive and has a team of highly experienced, skillful, trained professionals, who groom and nurture the NMIT students to embrace the employability challenges, with utter confidence.

The Training and Placement Department provides Placement preparedness training in Aptitude, Technical and soft skills to all pre-final year students, to equip them with the right skills and attitude to perform well, during the interviews. Every year, all the eligible students are placed.

Global Hiring @ NMIT

Global Recruitment Market is the latest emerging trend, at present. In this context, NMIT is the only Institution to have successfully placed its students in Global companies, in addition to recruitments by the Indian and MNC Company hiring.

NMIT’s Training & Placement Department understands the industry trend and has tailor made its liasoning policies, for Global hiring companies. Some of the Global companies that have recruited our students are Siemens, Rescho.Inc, East Corporation, NISSANKIKO Co., Ltd, Sato Holdings Corporation, Mimaze Inc., Yupiteru Corporation, and YMCA Ltd. These companies have recruited our talented students across all the engineering disciplines, offering compensation packages that range from Rs 25 Lakhs per annum, to Rs 27 Lakhs per annum.