How many books students can borrow from the library? For how many days they can keep the books?

Students can borrow 2 books from the library for a due period of one week. The due date is indicated at the last page of book.

If students do not return borrowed books within due period, what fine is applicable to them?

A fine amount of Rs. 2/- per day will be charged for late return of books beyond the stipulated due date. Sundays and public holidays will be taken into account while charging the fine.

What will happen if a student do not return books even after their final exams?

In such case, student will have to pay fines as cited above. Further, their examination result will be held up, unless and until they clear off their dues.

Why there is a limited stock of text books in the library?

As per prescribed rules and guidelines, text books cannot be purchased beyond 20% of students strength. Students are expected to read more reference books in the library, rather than text books.

What is a procedure for ordering books in the library?

Request for books is made on the prescribed proforma by the concerned subject teacher, which has to be first approved by the concerned H.O.D or Co-ordinator. Librarian after scrutiny, forward the same requisition with appropriate remarks to the Principal. After the remarks and signature of Principal, Librarian places the order to concerned vendors.Please note that, librarian cannot directly order books for the library.Hence, students are requested to contact their respective subject teachers, for acquisition of books in the library.

Can a student issue book on some other students card?

No. Library cards are not transferable, i.e., books cannot be borrowed on some other student's card.

How books are displayed/organized in the library?

Text Books are displayed/organized according to their course and semester whereas Reference Books are displayed according to their subjects. A standard classifciation number is assigned to every subject, which is indicated on the book as well as book card. For more details refer Subject List and Organization of Reference Books