Student Testimonial

It's my privilege to be an Alumnus and to be a part of the ME family at NMIT. Being a part of the first batch of students, everybody thought we the students would face trouble. Maybe, we may not have good lab facilities: maybe we may not get good teachers or professors!

But today I can confidently say that, we had the best teachers and facilities at NMIT during our stay. Some of my major influence in professional life has come from NMIT and in particular from ME Dept. At times when I had to get a second opinion on matter pertaining to education and professional life, the faculty back in NMIT has always been very considerate and supportive. They have gone one step further to make sure, we the students excelled in what we are best at. They supported our ideas, made us independent and molded us to be the engineers what we are today. I won't be wrong to say, not just successful engineers, but have made us leaders. I owe lot to my Alma matter and in particular, the faculty and staff of ME Dept. I wish them the best and look forward to continue the good work they have been doing. And thanks to ME Dept. for being a great support to us.

Like in any well-meaning educational institution, academics did play a pivotal part in our life during the 4 years; most of the memories that still stay much cherished are the moments in our classroom. The ample opportunities to organize cultural activities, football, volleyball, interaction with seniors and juniors alike, Nitte provided it all.

If there was any regret that I still harbor, the B.E course has only 4 years!

Harish M Rao (2002 - 06 Batch)
Canadian Government Laboratory Visiting Fellow CanmetMaterials Mineral and Metals Sector, Natural Resources Canada 183 Longwood Road S, Hamilton, Ontario L8P 0A5 Canada.

I joined Mechanical Department, Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology in 2003 and graduated in 2007. Four years of this memorable journey is worth cherishing. The knowledge imparted during the course was very helpful in securing the good respectful job after my graduation.

The faculty took an extra initiative to mold me in such a way as to face the challenges of the competitive world. The peer student relationship developed during my stay helped me a lot in channeling my dreams and to aim higher. The way CFD was introduced to me during my project work made me develop a passion on it and propelled me to choose CFD for my M.Tech project work at IIT Madras. NMIT is definitely a place to live, learn, apply and cherish one’s dreams.

Karumanchi Viswanatha Sarma (2003 - 07 batch)
Scientist/Engineer-SD, P&EF/MFF FACILITIES ISRO Satellite Centre(ISAC)

Six years on from completing my B.E, I still credit my successes to the excellent skills and education I received at NMIT. The faculty at the dept. of Mechanical engineering was very supportive and I am extremely grateful for their guidance and support. At NMIT we got a lot of encouragement and opportunities to develop our technical and management skills, This encouragement and support made us to take challenging tasks like making the First Indian PICO satellite “STUDSAT”.

I am delighted to read about the college’s ongoing success and expansion in the local and national media."

Karthik G (2005 - 09 batch)
Asst. Manager, Development Engineering Application Common Rail (DS/EAC-IN) Bosch Limited

NMIT to me was more than a college. It was at NMIT that I was not only taught mechanical engineering but was also encouraged to understand my potential better and choose research and academia as my career. My four years period at NMIT was a most cherishable and progressive period of my academic life. The college was a foreground for me to explore research opportunities- be it internships or mini projects. Having being in IIT Madras for 3 years, I can very well say the quality of teaching and lab facilities available in NMIT campus is very well on par with the IITs. It is through NMIT that I was able to find a job at W. S. Atkins pvt ltd. I would like to thank all mycourse teachers at NMIT for their interesting and thought provoking lectures. I learnt a lot from them and am indebted to them. Without them I would not have come this far and I owe all my fruitful academic outputs to them.

Shreesudha Bhaskara Mohan (2007 - 11 batch)
Pursuing M S at IIT Madras

I was amongst the many thousands who gave the easy to give easy to get CET exam to get into the engineering profession after having negated the hard work required in medical science. The decision was not an inspired one nor did I have the passion to become an engineer. But one decision which changed my next few years was choosing mechanical engineering in NMIT.

The professionalism displayed by the lecturers, their vast practical knowledge was the perfect place for the budding engineers to think, innovate and question the book. The college not only shapes a student in professional field but also instills in them discipline, moral and social responsibility. It was here where I found the spark discipline, moral and social responsibility. It was here where I found the spark needed to ignite the patriotism in me. The college has given me my best 4 years which I am still willing to repeat in case given a second chance.

The college faculty has the capability to fill courage in you to pursue your future in your own terms and not to fall for peer pressure. It is a platform where I got exposed to national level competitions. An amazing college industry relationship helped me to think more practically. When I deviated from my profession to work for the government of India, my HOD and his staff stood as my backbone and guided me through the difficult times acting as a damper and taking some of my stress as their own.

I am forever indebted to my HOD and his staff for their spirit towards teaching many unguided engineers like me. It is for their hard work and support which they bestowed upon me, today, has helped me gain respect of the highest order in this country. It was here where I was able to shape my future after I came across John F Kennedy's inaugural address opening line"ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.

Naveen C N(2008 – 12 Batch)
Indian Air Force

Looking back, I remember the first moment I came here: I was met with nothing but energy and enthusiasm. The faculty and staff of this institution are top rate. They all want their students to do well. Professors helped me beyond words I can say. This institution keeps the student first. You will not be let down. My experience at Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology has meant career advancement to a highly responsible and technically challenging position in a leading company. Along with that go an increased sense of self-esteem and a feeling of accomplishment and personal satisfaction. I can positively say that being a part of this institution has made me a better person."

Karthik P(2009 - 13 batch)
Design and Development (Special Product Group) Ace Designers Limited