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Dr. S. Harish Babu
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Prof. N. Kiran Kumar

Dr. Jayasmita Rath

Dr. Senthil Kumar

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Prof. Shilpa Ajay

Malini T. N

Asst. Prof., Department of Management Studies
Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology
Bangalore – 64

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Chapter contribution in the area of Human Resource Management on “Compensation & benefits” for the book titled Advance Management Practices in Business published from an international publisher with an ISBN mark

  1. Published a paper titled “Why GST for India-need and challenges for the success of GST in India, Vol.2, ISSUE-7, Page Nos. 22-25, Year of Publication July-Aug 2015, ISSN-2349-3607 (online) 2349-4824 (print)

Nayana Shrinivas Desai
  1. Tiger Trafficking and Abuse – A Case of Tiger Temple of Thailand/ International Journal of Current Agricultural Sciences/ Vol.6/Issue.6/2016/ISSN: 2277-1026
  2. Significance of Employee Contributions (in Kannada)/ Business Guru /September/2015
  3. Regular Business quiz columnist in Business Guru Kannada magazine.