Departmental Forum

Students Activity Body

Management Student Council of Tomorrow (MASCOT) is the Association body for the students in the MBA program. It is responsible for organizing fests, seminars and guest lecture series for students on current management areas.

Cultural activities

The Department conducts "Adhiveshana" a cultural fest every year in which the students actively take part. Competitions in various management domains are held during this fest.

Sports activities

The Department organizes interdepartmental sports meet every year. Students who are part of the MBA program also represent the college in inter college and university level sports meet. MBA department conducts Sports day annually with an array of games and athletics.

Literary activities

Magazine / Newsletter: 'THIRD EYE' is an Exclusive quarterly Newsletter by Department of Management Studies. This Newsletter is an attempt to share the departmental happenings with stakeholders. The newsletter also provides students and faculty members a platform to share their ideas and opinions

Alumni activities

The Department has an alumni association "Sangama" and an alumni meet is held every year where the alumni interact and share their experiences with students.

Community development activities