"A place with a scintillating ambience and a great student life is what NMIT offers. An uncompromised focus on R&D with the fundamentals learned from a blend of young and experienced faculty always helps me in my research even after 2 years. The MEMS, STUDSAT and R&D labs equipped with high-end softwares and hardware that drive the thirst of student to learn and apply more. The prospective of product based approach to learning is commendable and helps in linking the domain gap between academia and industry. Glad to be a part of such an enriched NMIT family and a proud alumnus of NMIT."

Ashish Tiwari
Masters in Electrical Engineering
Specialisation: Deep learning and Computer Vision
Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN)

"It's been six years completing my B.E (2014 pass out), I still credit my successes to the excellent skills and education I received at NMIT. The faculty at the dept. of Electronics and Communications Engineering were very supportive and I am extremely grateful for their guidance and support. We got a lot of encouragement and opportunities to develop our technical and management skills. Every faculty in the Dept actively recognized the talents in students and pushed us to explore and get exposed to national level competitions. I would like to thank all my teachers at NMIT for their interesting and thought provoking lectures. I learnt a lot from them and am indebted to them. Without them I would not have come this far and I owe all my fruitful academic outputs to them."

Pruthvi G
Engineer - Technical Solutions
Company Name : OSI

"I passed out as an E&CE Engineer from 2016 batch from my Almamator NMIT. Our department has the best supportive professors in all the ways apart from curriculum. I still remember them guiding us in every fest which were organized from our dept. They were many innovations and technology usage going in our dept like STUDSAT(which I was part of) and Robotics which were very interesting to learn. From all these experiences, many of our friends and seniors are in better and respectful positions from the guidance of our professors and also because of which I got a chance to do internship at IIT,Bombay with the professors working there and also release a book with fellow interns under our name. I also have many hostel memories.Our college gave us many opportunities for placements, I have selected the best one and had 3 offers in hand to choose from."

Working as Senior software developer ,Volvo.
Year of Pass out : 2016

"Being a Tech grad, went on to Management Professional and then to become an Employer –being an Entrepreneur now, NMIT ECE would always remain an integral part of my journey! Where do I start from? I was an average student and quite irregular to class, managing to maintainjust what is needed not be ineligible, I am thankful that none of my faculty members judged me, instead they helped me and supported me in my areas of interest.All were fantastic and very encouraging and always believed in complete growth rather than focusing only on syllabus. I don't remember an instance where I got a no from anyone who's part of the department and I was equally supported by management too. Am a proud NMITian even today, all I could say now is thank you and keep doing things what you always do best"

Chethan V 2012 pass out
Founder and CEO, SteelThrough

"Being a part of 2nd Batch of NMIT, I have great nostalgic experiences about the College and the ECE department. Headed by Prof. H C Nagaraj then, this was a department of some amazing teachers who not only had an impact on my academics, but also on my all-round personality. Be it Dr.Swamy sir’s unique way of bonding with students by telling stories in his room, be it Dr.Nagaraj sir’s amazing classes, be it Veda mam’s interactive and attractive teaching(never a dull moment) and ofcourse all the fun and lighter moments we used to have with all the staff. This was a department where we grew academically and personally. Always love to rewind those years of my life. Thanks NMIT and ECE!!!"

Sumanth M
Technology Architect (Manager), Cognizant Technology Solutions
Year of Pass out : 2006

E & C Department in NMIT has talented educators who empower students to succeed in the highly competitive and innovative industries.

Assistant Manager, Forensics,

“Our well-read panel of teachers and encouragement to research work is the trademark of the Department of ECE at NMIT.”

Kaushikee Mishra
Software Engineer.
Cap Gemini India Pvt. Ltd.

“The faculty in E&C Department is always supportive, encouraging and dedicated in their endeavor to make us better performers. I shall always be grateful for having been graduated from such a prestigious institution – NMIT, Bangalore.”

Rohit Koul
Central Bank of India,M
Information Technology Specialist Officer,
Data Centre in Navi Mumbai.