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Dr. Sandya.S

  • Elected as VTU LIC member
  • External subject expert Department Promotion Committee DPC – ISRO member
  • Submitted Ph.D. thesis of Ms.Manjula V.K
  • Astronomy club started in NMIT, initiated by Aishwarya Ashok ECE and Nikhil Joshy ME

December 2018


Dr.SL Pinjare

  • Elected as VTU LIC Member

December 2018


Dr. Prasantha H S

  • Reviewed a paper accepted for publication and presentation in the IEEE International Conference on Intelligent and Innovative Computing Applications (ICONIC-2018) as per the request made by Principal BMS college of Engineering
  • Honored Fellowship by the Institution Of Electronics And Telecommunication Engineers (F-IETE)
  • Attended the 4th BOS Meeting on 11th January 2019 at school of Engineering and Technology at CMR University

December 2018


Prof. Sankar Dasiga

  • Participation in Yogifi (a smart yoga mat) display at CES019 in Las Vegas

Jan 1st -21st 2019

Student Achievements

Four UG students (Shashank, Smriti, Shreyoshi, Saumya) from the department of ECE, NMIT, under the guidance of Dr Raghunandan, successfully demonstrated Intra-Body Communications - the use of the body as a conductor - not only of electricity, but also actual digital data. The attenuation and distortion have been found to be negligible even when the data flows through multiple bodies.

One of these students - Smriti Misra - has joined IT-BHU (Banaras Hindu University) as a Junior Research Fellow. Though the position was open for post-graduates, Smriti was selected for the research position, and the interviewer mentioned that it was because of the uniqueness of the Intra-Body Communications project done.

NMIT students have won the 2nd prize in the Nation-wide IoT Innovation Challenge 2017 organized by Nasscom.

A team of five NMIT students - Shashank Shankar (ECE), Dilip Sai (ECE), Shreyas Dattashivarama (ECE), Arjun Kini (ISE) and Akhil (CSE), under the guidance of Dr Raghunandan (Professor, ECE), have won the 2nd prize in the Nation-wide IoT Innovation Challenge 2017 organized by Nasscom.

The team of students designed and developed the prototype of a solution to localize potential cracks in railway tracks. They have named their work PATRIOT (Predictive Anomaly Tracker for Railways using IOT). They are in the process of patenting their solution and are now working on a more comprehensive solution to the problem.

Alpha College of Engineering​ in association with​ All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE) organized Second National Students' Project Exhibition - 2017​ ​on 7 May, 2017

Our students Tejas S, Suhas M V, Snigdha, and Devesh K H ​were awarded the first prize under ECE stream for their Project ​on a smart quadcopter for agricultural assistance​. The​ Project guid​es were Prof Sitaram Yaji from ECE​ ​dept. and Prof Sanket Salvi from ISE dept.

KPIT Sparkle Contest: KPIT is a leading Indian MNCs with a commitment to foster sustainable and socially relevant technologies. To encourage young minds towards innovation and creativity, KPIT has launched an annual contest, SPARKLE, for Science and Engineering students across India. The theme for the contest for the year 2017 was “Smart Cities”!! With every passing year the event attracts an increasing number of talented students from across the country. This year students submitted a whopping 1545 number of project proposals / ideas!! After a careful and elaborate process of scrutiny and evaluation, the expert panels have shortlisted 35 ideas / projects for showcasing at the Grand Final of this year’s event in February 2017. During the finals students compete for internships / jobs, national level visibility, awards and sizeable prize money!!

NMIT is a member of the PACE program of KPIT. Faculty at NMIT have been encouraging and supporting extensive participation of the students of the institution at SPARKLE since the inception of the contest. Over 100 project / innovation ideas have been submitted across various editions of the event by the students of NMIT. With 33 proposals / ideas accepted for consideration at SPARKLE 2017, NMIT was 4th among the list of top 10 participating institutions across India!! The fact that 2 of these proposals, were among the list of 35 shortlisted for the Grand Finals of SPARKLE 2017 stands testimony of the quality of innovation and sustained focus on ideation at NMIT. Projects of NMIT students on “Nano Fuel” for reduced emission and enhanced efficiency and smart approach for “waste Management” are selected for the Grand Finals at SPARKLE 2017. A notable aspect of each proposal that made to the Grand Finals was the interdisciplinary nature of the approach by students from ECE, ME and EEE involved in the ideation and implementation.

In all 10 student projects under the guidance of ProfRaghunandan S, Prof SankarDasiga, Prof SeetaramYaji, Prof Shashidhar KS and Prof Girish GK were shortlisted for prototyping

Nasscom, the Industry body, has organized a challenge on IoT Innovation for engineering colleges. NMIT is proud to say that our team is one of the 40 teams shortlisted from across India, including some IITs. More updates in due course.

A team of students from ECE Dept, NMIT - Santosh, Sandeep and Yuvraj, participated in "MED4DEV India-Israel Affordable Healthcare Hackathon", under the leadership of Dr Tarun, who is a medical doctor and an entrepreneur. They developed a fine product in just 1.5 days and received appreciation. Their result is available at

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M. Charitha

Technical Paper Presentation competition (By Katalyst)in JP Morgan Chase Company. Topic:Traffic Density Maps using Image Processing

Secured 1st Place

9th Nov 2018


Akash Rajeev Bhatia, Sannath Prakash Ullal, Srivenuka

Virtual Indian Solar Vehicle Championship 2018

Participated in the event

5th-7th November 2018


Arjit Singh Parihar

State Level NCC Competitions

Secured Second place In Flag Area Competitions. Shortlisted for representing Karnataka and Goa Drte NCC in Republic Day Camp 2019



Mayank Lakhani

Nukkad Natak, BITS GOA WAVES 2018

Secured 1st place

27th-29th October 2018