Recently, more than 200 companies are created to manufacture electric vehicles and charging facilities throughout the country as part of green technology revolution. This will create more premium jobs in core companies like Telco, Titan Engineering automation solutions, ABB, Siemens, etc., to name a few. In order to provide its students niche skills and opportunities in frontier areas of engineering and research, the Department of EEE, NMIT started Power Engineering Centre of Excellence under the guidance of HOD Dr. V. Ranganathan in September 2019.

The concept of this COE was introduced with the idea of converging power electronics, power systems and power system protection leading towards Electro-Mobility which is a much-needed skill of the society. Currently many faculties and students are involved in this centre of excellence for their research projects. The faculties of EEE department are engaged in R&D projects of various specializations.



Guide Name

Area of Research


Dr. Samanvita N

Dr. H M Ravikumar

Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic


Dr. Shefali Jagwani

Dr. L Venkatesha

Power Electronics and Drives


Dr. Vasudha Hegde

Dr. H M Ravikumar



Mr. V M Parthasarathy

Dr. B Muralidhara

Hardware Neural Networks


Mr. Ch V Ramesh

Dr. A Manjunath

Power Electronics


Mrs. Sridevi H R

Dr. H M Ravikumar

Power Electronics


Mrs Veena S

Dr. H L Suresh


Faculty Research area Details


Broad Areas of Research

Faculties Involved

Major Accomplishment


Electrical Machines, Power Systems, Power Electronics, and Power system Protection (e-Mobility)

V M Parthasarathy, M J Nagaraj, H R Sridevi, J Shefali, CH.V Ramesh, T C Balachandra, Sudeep Shetty, Shreeram Kulkarni, Banashankari

Power Electronics, Power system Protection and Power engineering COE, Machines Lab


Electronics, MEMS, VLSI (Micro Electronics)

Vasudha Hegde, S Veena, Shruthi Gatade, M J Nagaraj , Habibudin Shaik

MEMS Facility (central), Analog Electronics , LIC, Simulation Lab


DSP, Power Signal Processing, Control, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers(Signal Processing)

V Ranganathan, K C Yashaswi, H R Sridevi, S Sujatha, S Veena, N Samanvita, N C Siridevi

Control Lab, Power Engineering COE, Simulation Lab, Microcontroller Lab


Renewable Energy and High voltage Engineering, Energy Conversion

T C Balachandra, Vasudha Hegde, S Sujatha, B Smitha, A Meghana, H Chaitra

Renewable energy Lab, Power engineering COE


Robotics, Industrial Automation ,IoT, Machine Building, Industry 4.0

V Ranganathan, S Anand, M J Nagaraj, Shruthi Gatade, N Samanvita, Sowmya Raman

IoT COE, Robotics COE, Simulation Lab, Power Engineering COE


Smart Systems, AI Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning,  Nano -Satellite

N Samanvita, V Ranganathan, Sudeep Shetty, Shreeram Kulkarni, S Anand, S Sujatha, H M Ravikumar

IOT COE, STUDSAT COE, Robotics COE, Power Engineering COE