Objectives of the Programme

Energy is vital for improving the quality of human life in every nation. The growing scarcity of conventional fuels and their adverse ecological and environmental impacts have raised global interest in harnessing various renewable energy sources. Renewable Energy Technologies are emerging as the source of sustainable energy, which will be very important for future energy supply strategies of the entire world. The availability of adequate manpower and appropriate resources is crucial for the success in this endeavor. Providing renewable energy education at all the required levels in an efficient and effective manner is a challenging task.

There are very few institutes in India and First in Karnataka that offer a structured programme to cover the diverse range of issues to meet this demand. The program at NMIT is intended to fill the gap and provide the much needed human resource capacity in renewable energy technology and management. The program is designed to train students, not only in renewable energy technology and implementation but also in equally important synergetic areas of energy infrastructure, energy economics and energy conversion technologies. The program will lead to a specialization in renewable energy.

Bearing this in mind, NMIT offers a M.Tech. course in Renewable Energy.

This M.Tech. Program provides an opportunity to specialize in the field of renewable energy. The course covers a wide range of topics in renewable energy, energy efficiency and renewable energy technology, energy demand and energy economics.

The programme consists of core and elective courses taught during the first and second semester, During the third & fourth semester, students are required to take up an Internship and major project either in an industrial establishment or a research/ consultancy organization dealing with renewable energy, as an independent study under the supervision of a faculty member at NMIT and a working professional of that organization.

Eligibility Criteria:

Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Technology in Electrical & Electronics Engineering /Mechanical Engineering/Chemical Engineering / M.Sc. in Physics/AMIE in appropriate branch. GATE: EE, ME, Chemical Engg, Physics.

Selection procedure

Admissions as per the policy of the Government of Karnataka/VTU will be based on the academic performance in the qualifying Degree, GATE/PGCET.

Regular and Sponsored Candidates

Candidates working in the Industry/Government are encouraged to apply for the program. NOC (No Objection Certificate)/sponsorship letter from the employer will be required at the time of interview.


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Solar Thermal Training System


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