The EEE branch association "TESLA" which is a vibrant association through which students organize guest lectures, industrial visits and other extra-curricular activities are conducted. Vidyuth is the inter-branch Techno-cultural fest at NMIT.

Tesla forum is a vibrant student association with the students organizing various activates through out the academic year. Various workshop and technical talks are been held under the TESLA forum The inauguration of the forum with the New Logo launch was held in September 2019.

About the Club

For all students in NMIT, who are interested in innovation entrepreneurship, the Innovation Club is the place to meet likeminded people with complementary skills. It is the platform to get new inspiration, exchange experiences and ideas, build a powerful network and form team that work on game-changing ideas. The club under the constant support of NMIT, has the necessary skills, network and resources to support the interested club members.

Objective of Innovation Club: Infusing intricate thinking in the minds of students and polarizing thoughts into the process and thereby convert idea into a product.