Student Testimonial

The pleasure combined with knowledge gained in four years at NMIT is something which will stay with me for the rest of my life. The experiences of projects in the initial stage of our course were a game changer during the execution of our final year project. Numerous presentations on multiple topics in class were the turning point in building our communication skills. The technical fest and extra-curricular activities were add-ons in this fun filled ride. Overall, NMIT has been responsible for my overall development.

Deepak B
Software Engineer
Mindtree Ltd

NMIT is a remarkable Institute where one can to learn and apply one’s knowledge practically. For research, probably this institute provides the best opportunity to excel. The concept of each subject was taught through the means of mini and minor projects. I had the opportunity to publish a paper based on my mini-project "Password protected locking system using Arduino". The innovative methods adopted for the curriculum by including modern technology without compromising the core subjects.. A case in point is including “Python and IoT” the latest technology as part of the curriculum.

NMIT has an excellent placement record. I am proud of the department and the college which has supported me in my placement to a leading software company .

Sri Harsha

“Think Different" is one of the many things that NMIT that I learnt at NMIT. This has helped me succeed. NMIT nurtured my potential and gave me an opportunity to define myself for my future life. My obligation and acknowledgement to CSE department for encouraging me to think globally and spread my wings to the land of rising Sun and I appreciate the support of my department for shaping my career and supporting me to be placed in an MNC.

Anupam Pavithran

My experience and education at Nitte Meenakshi Institute of technology has given me the opportunity to pursue a Master's degree in Computer Science, in one of the prestigious institutions in USA.

Combining personal attention with a rigorous curriculum, this institute is singularly responsible for my growth.. The course offered a wide range of subjects from parallel programming to genetic algorithms. All faculties have a unique area of expertise and willingly shared their knowledge. Discussions were student centric and each student’s opinion is heard and debated upon.

I owe my success in particular to the professors of the CSE department, who nurtured my skill and to NMIT in general for the right environment for my growth and career.

Vaishnavi Narayan,
Master's in Computer Science,
Brigham Young University

Life without thankfulness is devoid of love and passion and silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone. So I take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to my college and placement department for chiseling my career and sparing their precious time in kindling our talents. Reflecting on all that I’m grateful to my college is “eternal”. Accept NMIT as destination and dream of a secure future.

Vandana M

"The institute has lived up to its motto- "Engineered for excellence in education". The resources and amenities provided are easily on per with me responsible citizen with impeccable work ethics. The values and knowledge instilled in me by the expert faculty has been monumental in my growth, and helped me reached the pinnacle of success."

Likith Ponnanna P B