The faculty members of the Department of CS & E, along with the students are actively involved in research in cutting edge technologies of Computer Science and Engineering. This enables them to keep up to date with the technological progress in various fields of Computer Science. Additionally, it rekindles the inquisitiveness in the students and prepares them to assimilate technological advances that are happening at a very rapid pace. The faculty and students are working on industry assigned projects from Unisys, IBM, Pinaacle, and Subex.

Sponsored Projects:

Title of the Project:


Navigation and Collision Avoidance System for the Visually Impaired

The key features of the project: Integrated solution providing Collision Avoidance, Navigation & Pothole Detection. Modular augmentation of the White Cane depending on the needs of the Visually Impaired person configurable, low cost, lightweight and rugged device, several technologies (e.g. sensor integration) will be utilized.

Funding Agency and Detials

Funding Agency: DST
Principal Investigator: Dr. K. Venkatesh
Co-investigator(s): Dr. N. Nalini, Dr. Thippeswamy M. N.
Year: 2016-19
Funding Amount: Rs. 67.50 Lakhs

Navigation and Collision Avoidance System for the Visually Impaired

Title of the Project:


Adaptive Fault Tolerance Framework for Cloud Computing Applications Activities

Vision Group on Science and Technology (VGST), Bangalore.
Principal Investigator: Dr. Nalini N., Professor,
Year: 3
Funding Amount: Rs. 30 Lakhs

Papers Published :

Projects under PG

Externally Funded Research Projects

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Project Title

Principal Investigator

Sponsoring Agency

Funds Granted



Establishment of Centre for Robotics Research to Promote Multidisciplinary Research in Engineering Education

Dr. Jharna Majumdar

Centre for Robotics Research Team, NMIT

Vision Group of Science and Technology (VGST)

Rs. 60.00 Lakhs

Apr 2015 – Mar 2017


Department has a strong interaction with industry giants like Unisys, IBM, Subex as well as other Industry – Sakha Global, Spline.AI. The department has undertaken the consultancy work with the following establishments.

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Title of Project

Team members


 Project Status

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Pinaacle Ltd., Bangalore

App Development to control AC-Urbox

Dr. M. N. Thippeswamy

Avinash Rath

Gaurav KP

Arihant Kochar

Aditya, and Janhavi Kulkarni

August-September 2020



Subex Ltd, Bangalore

SubexIoT Platform

Dr. Thippeswamy. M. N.

Anoop Pakki


K. P. Gaurav & Vilas M.

Sep 21, 2018

Completed Phase 1




Dr Spline: Intelligent Doctor Assistant Vision Intelligent analytics

Mr. Anikesh Kamath

Mr. Rahul Banerjee

Dr. Thippeswamy M.N.

June 4, 2018 – July 20, 2018




Spectrum Infotech Pvt Ltd. (SIPL),  Bangalore

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 Dr. Venkatesh K.

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