Invati- Project Exhibition

Invati 2019 – An Annual Studentrs’ Project Exhibition and evaluation of final year CS & E, was conducted on 30th April 2019 under the Jury Team of Mr. Kumar P. Chief Architect, Unisys, Dr. Jharna Majumdar, Dean R & D, NMIT, Prof.SitaramYaji, Dept. of EC & E, NMIT, Mr. Shyam S. and Mr. Mahantesh Software Engineers from Sakha Global Pvt Ltd., along with Mr. Devesh Alumni, CS & E, NMIT and Mr. Chetan, EC & E Alumni, NMIT.

A total of 70 projects showcased from different domains such as IoT, Image and Video Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Control Engineering, Android Application Development, Information Security, Cloud-Based projects etc. Projects covered were of solutions to societal problems such as Women’s safety, Alarm systems for Fire and Burglary, Agriculture, Healthcare, Traffic Management system, Electric Car battery status monitoring, Automated Border Patrolling, War Assistant vehicle etc.

Gimpse of Invati- 2019 - Project Exhibition and Evaluation - Team of Evaluators

Invati 2018

Invati 2018 – an annual Project exhibition and evaluiation 2018 and Poster Presentation has 70 projects executed using emerging technologies such as Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Big data, Cloud computing, Mobile apps, Neural Network, Wireless Sensor Networks, etc. which were evaluated critically by 25 experts from various engineering disciplines from industry and academics, providing their expert feedback to improve quality and value. 10 projects were selected as the best projects.

Glimpse of Invati – 2018 – Students interacting with the Team Experts fro Evaluation

Invati 2017

An exhibition of Projects and evaluation named Invati 2017 and Poster Presentation was organized for the first time in CSE Dept in a bigway. The exhibition was witnessed by Prof. N R Shetty, Chancellor, Central University of Karnataka, Kalaburgi and Advisor, NMIT, Bangalore, Prof. Kalidas Shetty, Director, GIFSIA, North Dakota State University (NDSU), Fargo, U.S.A, Prof. L M Patnaik(Adjunct Professor, and INSA Senior Scientist, NIAS, Prof. K A Ranganatha Setty, Dean Academics, NMIT, Mr.Rohit Punja, Administrator, NMIT, Dr. Jharna Majumdar, Dean R&D, NMIT.

A Jury Committee comprised of Mr. Bajantri, Advisor, Spectrum Infotech, L &T, Bangalore, Dr. G. Raghunath, CTO, Senzwiz Technologies, Mr. Santosh B R, Development Lead, Mahindra Comviva, Mr. Vinaydath Shivprasad (Director, Acendre India Pvt. Ltd), Dr. Madhusudhana H S, Software Development Manager, Oracle Software Ltd, Mr. Puneet Sharma, Developer, Mahindra Comviva, Mrs. Suman Giridhar, FulcrumEdu, Dr. Jharna Majumdhar, Dean R&D, Prof. Sitaram Yaji, Associate Prof, ECE, NMIT and Prof. Sankar Dasiga, Associate Prof, ECE, NMIT. The best five projects based on the committee’s ranking have been awarded prizes, sponsored by FulcrumEdu India, Bangalore.

Glimpses of Invati-2017

Student Club

The club of CSE students is student-driven body set up with the mission to “evolve, inspire, involve, innovate and implement” techniques and solutions utilization of emerging technologies in areas of Science and Technology to solve societal problems.

The objectives of student club are

The following clubs come under this banner:

Technical talks, workshops, and competitions are organized/conducted by the students for the students, mentored by faculty members.

Faculty Coordinator & Chair Person : Dr. Thippeswamy M.N.,Prof & Head, CS&E

Student Coordinators : AvinashRath (Trainer) - 6th Sem, Akanksha M. S. - 6th Sem and Dolly Upmandewan - 6th Sem

Flutter Workshop

The program “Flutter” organised by Mr. AvinashRath, Ms. Dolly Upmandewan, and Ms. Akanksha M. N. Of 6th semester to the students of first & second year of CSE program on Saturdays to teach the students about the procedure for creating the development environment in the android studio, basics of Dart with focus on creating widgets, snippets, scaffold and icons, techniques for changing colors, and other properties of these objects among other things. Participants are also familiarized with the process of creating new applications based on user requirements.

Glimse of Students Participation during Flutter

Machine Learning Club


Faculty Coordinator : Dr.Thippeswamy M. N. Prof.& Head, Mrs. Archana Naik, Assoc., Mrs. Supriya P., Asst. Prof., Mr. Vinay T. R., Asst. Prof., Mr. Muthuraju V.,Asst. Prof. and Ms. Impana P. ,Asst. Prof.

Student Coordinator : Hemant Rakesh 8th sem, CS & E

Hemanth, 8th Sem CS&E, during the Meeting of Student Club Members