“College life is that part of your life that you are going to relive in your memories till you breathe”

I Divithkumar R P, Alumni of NMIT, PG-Structural Engineering Program during the year 2014-2016, under the Department of Civil Engineering, one of the best example of providing industry oriented education and training.

Teachers “with huge experience will make you knowledge hunger and self-learners. They will put you on to the right track making us to understand strengths and weaknesses, trying to convert our weakness to strength. They are user friendly, principled and also they are caring.

I had opportunity to serve the department and I have gained rich knowledge in research, publications and experience in handling duties and responsibilities through good guidance and motivation from senior professors and colleagues as Assistant Professor for 2 years. It is indeed an immense pleasure that I worked in this esteemed institution. These attributes were the key reasons, because of which from year 2019 I have joined as Engineer - Design & Review in MNC-Bureau Veritas (India) Pvt Ltd.

My Sincere thanks to Dr. N R Shetty, Director and a Living Legend, and a Role Model. I am grateful to , the Management, Principal, HOD (Civil Dept) and the faculties of NMIT for their valuable & timely support. I am proud being an alumnus of NMIT, Civil Engineering Department.

Divithkumar R P,
Alumni of NMIT

When I started pursing my Masters in Structural Engineering in Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, I was unaware of the complexity and the beauty of the course I was about to face. The struggle to balance the knowledge gained by course book and experience gained by field works was persistent. During my short encounter in a site visit, I was obliged to go out of the norms specified in standard codes to match the site specific specifications that kept me in awe. But thanks to Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, I was able to overcome the problem of balancing the above mentioned two problems, as an adequate environment was provided to take the course book study and site visit side by side, partially due to the teaching techniques and mostly due to the extensive helping of teachers. Now, I can work in any type of environment and provide feasible explanation when I need to step out of the norms for accommodating site related difficulties. Thanks to NitteMeenakshi Institute of Technology. Special thanks to the Civil Engineering Department and Prof. Dr. J Durgaprasad.

Prafulla Pokharel
Jhapa Nawayug Structure Designers Pvt. Ltd.

Very well versed members in the faculty, extremely supportive members of the staff and very well-equipped laboratories are some of the highlights of the department, where I belong to. Civil Engineering Department of NMIT is in my opinion, one of the best departments of the college. From just two years of its existence, when I joined, till date there is remarkable/noticeable improvement in all the areas and the department is striving hard to achieve its Vision.

I got good guidance and motivation in every step here, as a student. Till today, being associated with college as member of BOS, and in one way or the other, I am happy to learn new things and contribute my bit, be it by guiding some juniors on their field or clearing their doubts related to academics or future. Being a Research Scholar of Prestigious IISc, would have been possible only with a proper guidance, motivation and nurturing my ability at right time at NMIT, one of the best things, I could possibly get to shape my future. With the advancement in lab facilities, having collaboration with reputed Civil Engineering Companies, recommending students to ISRO, Namma Metro, Brigade groups and other such companies, and ensuring the deserved ones get the best placement opportunities, Civil Department would go a long way to be one among topnotch Civil Engineering Departments in India, never to look back again.

I congratulate you for selecting the best Programme/ Department, to be a future Proud Alumni of NMIT. I wish All the Best to each and every one of the department and salute their endeavors.

Mandeep Raj Pandey
M.Sc(Engg), IISc Bangalore
Civil Engineer, NMIT 2011-15

“It all went by in a flash”. My time as an undergraduate student in civil engineering at NMIT was rewarding beyond belief.

The education which I received in Civil engineering Department has enabled me to combine my unique skill set, strong fundamentals in Civil engineering and Project Management skills to adapt to a fun and challenging work environment.

“The best teachers will not give you something to drink, they will make you thirsty. They will put you on a path to seek answers”- Teachers here work close with their students, which allow them to understand their strengths and difficulties of each individual, they are very caring and interested in student’s well-being. My Sincere and honest thank you to all the faculty members of Civil Department of NMIT for their valuable, timely support. I am a proud alumni of NMIT Civil Engineering Department.

When you want success as badly as you wanted air, when you just come out of a deadly pool, then you will get it, there is no other secret.

“Being ignorant is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn to do things the right way”-Benjamin Franklin.

Planedge Consultant Pvt. Ltd.,Puna
Civil Engineer, NMIT 2011-15

I am pursuing my Bachelors of Civil Engineering at NMIT, Bangalore. I am studying in 7th Sem. I am sure of my successful career as I have been selected for Internship opportunity and also to complete my final year project in North Dakota State University (NDSU), USA. This opportunity was created by the MOU signed between NMIT and NDSU.

I am grateful to Dr.N R Shetty, Director, Management, Principal and HOD (Civil Dept) and also to my parents for creating the Opportunity for me. All the facilities, constant support, mentoring activities since first semester and career counseling in 5th semester as regular features of NMIT gave me the golden opportunity to shape my career at the perfect moment.

Student – VII Sem, Civil Dept.

It is a cherishing moment for me to chase my long pending dream of pursuing my higher studies abroad, at one of the reputed Universities of USA - North Dakota State University (NDSU) which has come true. The initiation is started only with the support of NMIT and its MOU with NDSU. I am one of the luckiest to be selected for Internship and Project work of 8th Sem UG (BE) programme at NDSU, leaving to USA in January 2017. It was beyond my imagination to reach to this platform. This was made easy for students through the MOU signed between NMIT and NDSU.

I would express now that the ‘Ambiguity of Fresh Graduates’ for ‘what Next?’ which starts at 7th semester for most of the students, are well attended at NMIT through various platforms created for guiding the students towards better professional prospects. It starts as early as in 3rd semester Engineering Programme through Orientation Programme, lot of site visits, career counseling activities, exposure to competitive examinations and creating platform for Interaction with Industry Experts through constant Technical Events to name a few. My sincere thanks to Dr. Prof. N R Shetty, Director and a Role Model, every NMIT student should consider, the Management, Principal, HOD (Civil Dept) and all the faculties who have been my support and a special thanks to my loving parents for supporting me from behind the scene.

Chaitra Patil
Student – VII Sem, Civil Dept.

“Our well-read panel of teachers and research work is the trademark of our department”

Ms. Raksha Bojjamma
Masters in Construction Management
University of Missouri Kansas City

"Civil Engineering Department in NMIT has talented educators who empower students to succeed in the highly competitive and innovative construction industries".

Mr.Pruthvi Shankar S
Estimation Engineer
Havelock Ahi, Bahrain