The Civil Engineering department has an R&D Laboratory approved by Visvesvarya Technology University(VTU). More than thirty UG projects and twenty PG Projects work in this research centre under the guidance of Professors from the department. Some of the teaching faculties have registered for Ph.D. programs.

Areas of research

Faculty Book Publication Details – Civil Engineering Department

Signing of MOU with “Protect Infrastructure Systems Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore for Research Activities and Knowledge sharing". Dr. Raghunath, CMD and Anad, Managing Partner sharing the copy of MoU with the Principal and HoD.

Monthly Colloquium by Dr.Durga Prasad J on the topic “Design Philosophy of Accreditation and Outcome-Based Education” on February 2020

New funded projects

Seed Money Projects

Young researchers and teachers in the department have been awarded seed money, under TEQIP, for projects

Title of the proposal Evaluation of Properties of with Ultra High Performance Mortar for Ferrocement Applications
Name of the Principal Investigator(PI) Shruthi B S, Assistant Professor
Name of the Co-Investigator Shwetha K G, Assistant Professor
Technical Field of proposal Advancement in Materials of Construction - Mortar, Concrete Technology.

Title of the proposal Mix Proportions for Geopolymer Concrete.
Name of the Principal Investigator(PI) Mr. Prashanth S P
Name of the Co-Investigator Mr. Shreyas A V
Technical Field of proposal Construction Materials

Title of the proposal Performance and longevity studies on modified and unmodified coir-pith reinforced soil
Name of the Principal Investigator(PI) Mr. Jairaj, Assistant Professor
Name of the Co-Investigator Mr. Kiran M.U
Technical Field of proposal Ground Improvement Technique (Geotechnical Engineering)

Title of the proposal To Study the Behavior of Pond Ash Reinforced Concrete Beam as Structural Element in Flexure and Shear
Name of the Principal Investigator(PI) Arpitha M, Assistant Professor
Name of the Co-Investigator 1. Suraj Nayak U, Assistant Professor
2. Snehal K, Assistant Professor
Technical Field of proposal Concrete Technology – Concrete with Industrial Waste as Alternative Building Material for Sustainable Concrete Structures (Concrete Technology and Structural Engineering)

Sponsored Projects

Title of the Project Principal Investigator Sponsoring Agency Amount Sanctioned(In Rupees) Month & Year of Sanction
“Challenges of Big Data in the world by cracking the Entanglement in Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle” Dr.Durga Prasad High Risk High Reward Research, Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB), Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi. 35,41,200 Feb 2018
Effect of Using Nano-Silica and Nano-Alumina in Ultra High Performance Concrete – a Comprehensive Study on Microstructure, Wet Mix, Strength and Structural Behavior Dr.Bharathi ganesh Extra Mural Research Funding Scheme Of Serb – 2018, Science and Engineering Research Board Rs.34,60,000/- July 2018
Carbon Nano Tube Additives in Smart Concrete for Smart City Applications Dr.Bharathi Ganesh & Dr.Habibuddin Vision Group On Science and Technology, Department of Information Technology, Biotechnology and Science &Technology Rs.9,25,000 October 2018