Department Associations & Its Activities


Er. Ashok Kumar S G, Executive Director, Construction Management Training Institute conducted a training program for the final year students on Project Planning & Scheduling (Management Planning Construction Schedules), Construction Safety Importance, Fire safety in buildings and QA & QC – Construction Methodology, Project Execution Plan, Quality checks & Documentation. Mr. V.Prem Kumar, Educational Director & Chief Faculty Member, delivered an exclusive session on understanding the BOQ & Specifications, Formwork Systems, Design, and Scheme. Mr. Sriraman, Founder & Executive Director, conducted sessions on (i) Introduction to Construction Management and (ii) Understanding the Project Construction & Scope of work.


The Department conducted a Quiz Competition for all the students of Civil Engineering on the topic “Environment and climate change”, in Aug 2018. The top five students from this contest participated in the Competition organized by Divecha Centre of Climate Change, IISc.


Exclusive orientation program was conducted by Dr.Bharathi Ganesh, Head and Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, in Aug for the first-year students and their parents.


Dr Bharathi Ganesh, Head and Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, conducted a Construction Site Visit in the Month of August for the V Semester students. The students were taken to the Architecture Block to observe, view and understand the various construction site activities.

A 1- day Site Visit to Volvo Construction Equipment: Students of IV semester visited Volvo Construction Equipment on 11 March 19 where they got exposure to different and the latest vehicle and equipment manufactured by Volvo for use in the construction industry. After completion of the Site Tour, the Volvo Team addressed the students and provided a brief presentation on the technical aspects, application and advantages.

Siri Ready Mix Concrete Site visit Students were taken to the Siri Ready Mix Concrete Site to learn all aspects of preparation and supply of ready concrete mix.

Connects with Professional Bodies

A MoU was signed in Nov 2017 between Glass Academy of Excellence, Chennai and the Department of Civil Engineering, NMIT, Bangalore to offer a course on ‘Glass as a Building Material’ which could serve as an Elective/Add-on Course for the students of Civil Engineering.

Glass Academy is one such platform, where comprehensive learning on glass is offered as a curriculum, set by the various industry experts that would benefit students, as well faculty. It provides knowledge on the various dimensions of Glass learning. The Department has signed a MoU with Glass Academy of Excellence, where Glass Academy will offer an Ad-on course to the students of Civil Engineering- NMIT, using glass in concrete.

During the exchange of MoU with Glass Academy of Excellence and NMIT, Bangalore

NMIT is an Organization Life Member of ICI – Indian Concrete Institute, and ACCE(I) – Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India), both of them are very active professional Organizations. Six faculty members from the Department of civil Engineering are Life Members of ICI and five faculty Members are Life Members of ACCE(I). There are nearly 150 student members for ICI, 30 student members for ACCE(I) and about 140 student members for Institute of Engineers.

In fact, each member of our faculty is a Life member of one or more of the following professional bodies, depending on their chosen area of specialization.

  • ICI -Indian Concrete Institute - KBC
  • ACCE - Association of Consulting Civil Engineers(I)
  • INSTRUCT -Institute for Man Power Training of Construction Trades And Management
  • INSDAG -Institute Steel Development and Growth
  • IASE -Indian Association of Structural Engineers
  • NWSF -National Women Science Forum of India
  • IWA -International Water Association
  • IGS -Indian Geotechnical Society
  • ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineers

In order to provide a better practical background and technical knowledge, which makes the students job-ready, the department is arranging for sessions of the industry interactions. The department is also arranging for frequent industrial visits and internships, with mini projects, where possible. Additionally, technical talks and sessions from the industrial resource persons and trainings are arranged in collaborations with the industries.

Mr. Ganapati M.G, Vice-President, BCV Developers Pvt. Ltd. Brigade Group, rendering a Technical talk on PRECAST CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION PRACTICES AT BRIGADE ORCHARDS AND GLOBAL SCENARIO”
Mr. A T Samuel,Director, STUP Consultant Pvt. Ltd-a Technical Talk on-“BRIDGES-PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE”
Our students attended “Seminar on Admixtures and Water proofing”, conducted by ICI at Nimhans Convention Center, Bengaluru

Mr. A T Samuel,Director, STUP Consultant Pvt. Ltd-a Technical Talk on-“BRIDGES-PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE”
A Industrial Visit to SOLID WASTE MANAGMENT SITE at Mahalkshmi Puram Division, BBMP, Bengaluru, was organized by the Department for the final year students.
EXTENSIVE SURVEY CAMP’15 for 6th sem students at GHATI SUBRAMANYA, Doddaballapura District.

M. Tech. Students at BRIGADE Orchids, Devanahalli, Bengaluru during a 1-day Workshop

Photographs of Important Activities &Distinguished Visitors to the Dept.

Supreme Industry team with department coordinators on One day Workshop on “Advancement in Environmental Engineering” on 26.09.18
Students with Mr. Hemanth Reddy participating in “Certification Hands on Training Course on Total station”
Speech on “Global Education Interact” by ‘The Chopra’s” Team Members on 31st Oct 2018
Industry Exposure Programme Was Held by Prayojana for final year student of Civil Engineering
Career Counselling Programme - Benefits of cracking GATE exam for fresh civil Engineers organized with collaboration with Vani Institute
Civil Engineering Student at Divecha Centre for climate change on 11.10.18 for Quiz Competition
Sri Govind Ramesh (Agrima Industry) with Dr. V Shridhar (Emeritus Prof), Dr. H.C. Nagaraj (Principal), Prof. Vidyavati (Prof, Civil Dept.), Mr. Divith Kumar RP (Asst Prof, Civil Dept.), Dr. Bharathi Ganesh (HoD, Civil, Dept.) at Build-on activity. (From right to left)
Dr. Bharathi Ganesh with 5th Semester students at Site Visit
Ms. Spandana Suresh, Civil Engg Student, as a part of 5-member Defence Ministry delegation to Maldives under Youth Exchange Program.
Department of Civil Engineering Team at IISC after winning runner up prize in Hackathon
Technical Presentation by Dr.Bharathi Ganesh, during SEGT 2018 , 11-14 December 2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Amogha Varsha, Student, Department of Civil Engg with his Team after Winning SPARDHA’18 (third from right)
Mr. Kanak Raj M H, Asst. Engg. , BMRCL delivering his session on Advancement in Environmental Engg
Alumni meet at the department on 09.03.19
4th semester students at Volvo Construction Equipment during their site visit
Siri Ready Mix Concrete Site visit