Doctoral Programs

The area in which the Faculty members have pursued / pursuing their Ph.D. are as follows:

Other areas of interest are

The areas in which the Faculty members are pursued / pursuing their Ph.D. is as follows

Name & Designation Title /Area of PhD Work Supervisor & University Year of Completion
Dr. Ramesh B.R. Professor and Head Strategies for Performance Improvement of Harihar Branch Canal Command Area of Bhadra Irrigation System Dr. K. Karunakaran Anna University 2009
Dr. Bharathi Ganesh Thermal Power Plant Waste in Mortar and Concretes as Fine Aggregates Dr. H. Sharada Bai, Bangalore Univesrity 2015
Dr. Ramachandra Reddy Geology – Oceanology Dr.D. Chandra 1991
Dr. Vidhyavathi N. Bioremediation of Phenolic Compound from Effluents Dr. N.C.L. Charyulu & Dr. G. Srinikethan, Mangalore University 1994
Dr. Durga Prasad Knowledge and Auto Integration of risk problems in structural engineering using Bayesian Networks Dr. P. Subba Rao 2014
Dr. Pranesh R.N. Pond Ash – Feasibility of using it as Fine aggregates in concrete Dr. Manamohan R. Kalgal VTU, Belgavi 2008
Dr. Nagendra R. Investigation of Effect of Different Types of Aggregates on Optimum Mix Proportioning & Behavior of Self-Compacting Concrete Dr. Sharada Bai H. VTU, Belgavi 2012
Dr.Jairaj Longitivity Studies on Modified and Unmodified Coir Fibres reinforced BC soil Dr. M.T. Prathap VTU, Belgavi 2019
Dr. Kanchan Garg Environmental Crisis and Management of Bangalore University, Karnataka, India Dr. K.S. Ananthamoorthy, Kuvempura University 2002

The areas in which the Faculty members are pursuing their Ph.D. are as follows.

Ms. Prathima G. C & D waste in Rigid Pavement for Sustainable Road Infrastructure
Mr. Nanjundi Prabhu An Integrated Approach towards Ground Water Sustainability and Management for Urban Areas
Mr. Shreyas A.V. Effect of Galloping over Transmission Tower
Mr.Prashanth S.P. Study on Geo-polymer
Mr. Mahesh Kumar C.L. A Study on Soil Structure Interaction Analysis of a Cooling Tower
Mr. Manjunath L. Investigation on Effectiveness of FRP Wrapping for Retrofitting Reinforced Concrete Column
Ms. Anusha C.S. Post Seismic Hazard Road Capacity Analysis and Traffic Management
Ms. Anusha C.S. Post Seismic Hazard Road Capacity Analysis and Traffic Management