When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity.”
― Albert Einstein

Hours like second, when you're loving it and seconds like hours when your not into it. This was the same in my college life. It just seems like yesterday that I just joined my college and at the snap of a finger I'm out of it.

Those four years of college were the most fun-filled of my life. Knowledge gained in four years at NMIT is something which will remain with me for the rest of my life.

Aeronautics is a field with uniqueness and individuality, the passion for which comes from the individual. I appreciate the friendly atmosphere andteaching methodology, wherein faculty is always available and willing to help. Also, the college offers a rich cultural experience with individuals across the globe. I'm blessed to be a part of Aeronautical dept., NMIT.

Salman Saif Khan
Master’s Student York University Canada

Four years ago, when I chose to do Aeronautical Engineering, I knew I was taking the road less travelled, but I wasn’t walking alone. While the preponderance of students pursuing engineering were opting for branches more known and widely accepted, there were some who dared to do the different, some out of passion and others with the heart to test new waters. In August 2013, when I attended my first lecture at the Department of Aeronautical Engineering at the Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, I among a class of 70 other passionate and driven students from different backgrounds, not only from India but from different corners of the world, identities, cultures and talents, I was certain that I had taken one of the best decisions of my life.

The Department of Aeronautical Engineering started in the year 2011-12 is now burgeoning at such at a fast pace and the credit undoubtedly goes to faculty that has unceasingly worked hard, to make the quality of our education exceptional, in every aspect, be it the lectures, well equipped labs, organizing of departmental events, presentations, fests, clubs. The knowledgeable and ever motivating faculty has strongly encouraged heuristic learning among its students and under their tutelage, the students have done immensely well for themselves in their academic life and are doing very well in their careers, even post-graduation making us technically competent with the highest academic standards, to be able to face the industry.

Akshaya Gurlhosur
Master’s Student University of Dublin, Ireland

As an International student, NMIT has been a "Home away from Home" for me. The friendly attitude of the Professors and their willingness to always offer a helping hand has made me feel a part of the NMIT family. Pursuing Aeronautical engineering here, gives me the wings to fly and provides me with necessary resources, to make it big in life. It is actually an awesome institute, with ample opportunities to grow professionally and personally.


The Department provides us with strong fundamentals on Aviation. The faculty is approachable and ready to assist a student when needed.


The key to success in Aeronautical Engineering is to love what you do!! The department is enabling me to understand and solve problems that I will face in the future. I admire the sincerity of the faculty in training us, to be successful both in our professional and personal lives.