Workshop on design and modeling of Glider

A One Day Hands-on Workshop on “Chuck Glider” was organized on 25th January 2020. Topic covered include basic idea of aerodynamics, controls and stability of an airplane. The participants have developed an ability to build their own Chuck Glider with Balsa Wood at the end of the Workshop.

Theory Session: Coordinators explained the preliminary design of Chuck Glider
Practical Session: Participants making the Chuck Glider based on Design
Participants successfully designed and fabricated the Chuck Glider
Dr. H C Nagaraj, Principal, Dr. P K Dash, HoD, Mr. Siddalingappa PK, Workshop Coordinator with Participants

Design and Analysis of Aircraft Floor Beam

Department of Aeronautical Engineering, NMIT, organized a 5 - Day Workshop on “Design and Analysis of Aircraft Floor Beam” from 1 – 5 April 2019, for students of Aeronautical Engineering at NMIT and members of faculty Institutes offering Aeronautical Engineering. The workshop speakers were from ATOMMECH, Bengaluru.Through this workshop participants learnt to perform analysis in Hypermesh tool and also learn to validate the results through manual calculations.

Inauguration of Workshop

Following subjects were covered:

Introduction to Aircraft, Different systems in an Aircraft, Commercial Aircraft Manufacturers, Material selection criteria, Different alloys used in Aircraft, Composites used in Aircraft , Corrosion Prevention and Control, Aircraft Loads and Aero-elasticity, Aircraft critical locations, Aircraft design process, Aircraft Design algorithms,Cabin configurations, Airframe structural layout , Fundamentals of fuselage shapes, Sizing the fuselage, Designing of fuselage external shape, Estimating the geometric properties of the fuselage, Fuselage assembly and its functions, Fuselage loads and load transfer path, Floor beam, its importance & types, Typical failures of aircraft floor beam, DFMEA & DVPConcept design,Introduction to 3D Modelling, Assembly and Drafting, Introduction to meshing, Floor beam Static analysis, Floor beam Dynamic analysis, Structural design and Fatigue Analysis,Floor Beam Impact analysis, Testing of Floor beam-Static and Impact.

Dr.P.K. Dash, Prof.and HOD, Aeronautical Dept. giving a memento to Mr.SusamBorthakur of Airbus and distributing the certificates to the participants of Workshop
Dr. V. Sridhar, Dean Academic, NMIT, distributing certificate to faculty participants of the Workshop

Guest lecture

A Guest lecture was delivered by Mr.AyanAcharrya, a senior PhD student at the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics from The Australian National on 25 March 2019 at Aeronautical Department on “ Formation of Milky Way Galaxy”

Gate Aerospace 2019 crash course

For students who wished to pursue higher studies in prestigious institutes, the First Gate Aerospace 2019 crash course was organized by the Department of AERONAUTICAL Engineering at NMIT.

Faculty of GOODWILL GATE2IIT at crash course

Technical talk on the topic “ Importance of Flight Dynamics in Aircraft Design”

Technical talk on the topic “Importance of Flight Dynamics in Aircraft Design” was presented by Dr. Achintya Krishna Sarkar, Scientist-G, Technology Director, Directorate of Systems, DRDL, Hyderabad on 9th November,2018.

Dr. Achintya Krishna Sarkar addressing Aeronautical students

Flight Training Program at IIT-Kanpur

“Introduction to Experiments in Flight””, a 10-day residential course, is a flying experience and opportunity to observe routines involved in various phases of flight, eg., take-off, climbing, landing, turning, etc. Thirty students along with three members of the faculty of Aeronautical Engineering attended this course which was conducted in the month of October from 22nd to 31st. During the course concepts such as, modelling the atmosphere, Aerodynamic Forces and moments, aircraft instruments, static and dynamic equilibrium were taught and experiments on weight and centre of gravity, calibration of control surface, drag polar and neutral point were conducted. The manoeuvres like Dutch roll and Phugoid were also experienced in addition to basic flight envelope, yawing and banking.

Team of aeronautical students at IIT-K

“AEROVISION” on “Recent Trends in Aeronautical Engineering”

“AEROVISION” on “Recent Trends in Aeronautical Engineering” under the aegis of FALCON from 27 Sep - 03 Oct 2018

As the chief guest Dr. K Ramachandra Director, NDRF, Bengaluru, inaugurated the ceremony followed by a technical talk on “Near terms in aero engine system and technology”.

Inaugural ceremony of AEROVISION
Glimpse of valedictory ceremony

A collaboration program with association of Sapienza University

A collaboration program in association of Sapienza University, Rome, Italy was organized on 25 Aug 2018. Professor Fabio Santoni gave an elaborate talk about the space application, Micro propulsion systems, and use of MEMS based system. He initiated the activities to take part at student internship program and project in Sapienza University. Also, Dr. Daniel Hahn from Archann University, Germany, delivered a lecture on Robotics and its application. The program was initiated by Mr. K Gunjal of VSTP and Mr. Arun Naidu from Lacuna.

Students with foreign delegates
Dr. Fabio addressing the gathering

Technical Placement Training 2018

"Aeronautical Engineering - Technical Placement Training 2018" organized by the DEPARTMENT OF AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING for 7thsemester students from 3 – 14 Aug 2018.

The sessions included topics such as FEM, hypermesh tools and PLCM. The resource persons were people from firms such as Rolls Royce, Honeywell, etc

Technical Placement Training Details Agenda

Inauguration of “ Aeronautical Society of India- Student Chapter” and a Guest Lecture on “ Indian Space Research Program”

Guest for the event: Mr. R Arunagiri, Mr. R Arunachalam, Mr. V Balakrishnan , Dr. S. Venkateswaran(from left)
Inauguration By Mr. V Balakrishnan , VC of AeSI, Bangalore; Dr. S Venkateswaran, HOD Aero Dept; Mr. R Arunachalam , Scientist(Retd.), ISRO Satellite Center, Bangalore.

The lecture was about ISRO Satellite Center, PSLV’s , GSLV’s, ASLV’s and remote sensing techniques. He also explained about multistaging of rockets and the use of boosters with different propulsion techniques.

"Basic Design of Landing Gear " Workshop for 5th and 7th semester Aeronautical Engineering students held at NMIT,, 01-03 Sep 2017, 2017, by ATOM MECH

Inauguration by Dr. H.C.Nagaraj, Principal, NMIT; Dr. S.Venkateswaran, HOD Aeronautical Engineering Dept; Mr. Nagendra. B.G , Managing Director M/s ATOM MECH, Bangalore.

About the Workshop by Vinayaka. N, Assistant Professor , Aeronautical Engineering Department and Workshop Co-ordinator.

The topic covered under the workshop were: Importance and types of Landing gear, load transfer path in Aeroplane, Landing Gear Design Load cases, DFMEA and DVP of Landing gear, Structural and Vibrational Design of Landing gear, Fatigue Analysis of Landing gear, Prototyping of Landing gear and testing of landing gear for Static and Impact loads.

Students working in team to perform structural design theoretical calculations:
Software Simulations and Prototype testing were performed:

The Department of Aeronautical engineering regularly organizes lectures to enrich and promote the knowledge of the students. Recent lectures organized for students of the 4th, 6th and 8th semesters are given below.

Sl No




1 19 – 23 Sep Eminent speakers from academia and industry Topical Transcend in Aerospace Technologies
2 26 Feb 2016 Mr. Roland Lancelet, Director, Roland & Associates Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore Employability & Skill expectations of the industry
3 24 Feb 2016 Prof. A Raghunandan, Alumni of IISc Bangalore Applications of thermodynamics for unifying approach
4 23 Feb 2016 Mr. Parimal Priyadarshi, Brainstrorming Labs LLP Bangalore. Bridging gap between Academia and the industry
5 19 Feb 2016 Mr. Ravi Kumar, Trinity NDT Bangalore Non Destructive testing

AERO MODELLING -- 2-Day Workshop (25-26 Feb 2017)

Aeronautical Engineering Department organising the inter college AERO MODELLING Workshop on 25 & 26 Feb 2017.