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Welcome MBA-NMIT Alumni,

Graduation is not the end of your NMIT story; it is the beginning of your experience as NMIT Alumni!

The NMIT Alumni Association represents over 900 alumni population. The Association's objectives are to advance the mission of NMIT and to promote strong relationships between its alumni, current students, faculty and the college as a whole.

We want our alumni to stay interested in and connected to our alma mater. If you haven't done so already, you can start by registering with our alumni association and you can also connect through our face book link ( this association you can easily stay connected with former classmates and friends and communicate with alumni all around the world. And if you should move, change your job or change your e-mail address, make sure you continue to stay connected by contacting the college and providing your new information as soon as possible.

Our continuing goal is to actively engage alumni in our activities and to generate continued interest and excitement about NMIT. This past year was remarkable in many respects. Our placements have improved to almost 100%. We attracted exceptionally talented guest speakers, conducted many FDPs, workshops and organized industrial visits. We celebrate fresher’s day, ethnic day and organize the inter-collegiate Fest “Adhiveshana”. We admit outstanding new graduates who will join our community in the fall. We are happy to say that Alumni are actively engaged with our department.

Anaadyanta 2017 saw an alumni meet on 11th March 2017. The meet saw more than 200 alumni in attendance from all over the world.

Remember, wherever you go in the world, you always have a place at NMIT. We hope that you'll stay connected to us!

24th February, 2017
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10th February, 2017
2nd Project Presentation (Batch II)
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09th February, 2017
2nd Project Presentation (Batch I)
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21st January, 2017
1st Project Presentation (Batch II)
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20th January, 2017
1st Project Presentation (Batch I)
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17th December, 2016
Business Quiz (for I Semester)
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06th December, 2016
Guest Talk
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22nd November, 2016
Workshop on IFRS
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28th October, 2016
Guest Talk
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26th May, 2016
Colloquim on Total Quality Management by Mr.Ashwatha Reddy, Asst.Professor
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19th February, 2016
IFRS Workshop
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03,04 and 05 March, 2016
ADHIVESHANA 2016 Management Fest
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18th March, 2016
PDP for Management students
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20th – 22nd April, 2016
Industrial Visit
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27th -29th April, 2016
Training Programme for Final Year UG Students to crack PGCET/K-MAT
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02nd May, 2016
Intra Collegiate Business Plan Competition
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