The department has highly qualified and competent faculty members who are very strong in their area of expertise. Many faculty members are involved in research and pursuing their Doctorate (PhD). Successful implementation of Outcome Based ...

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To build a strong research and teaching environment in the field of Information Technology to meet the ever evolving global needs and to equip students with the latest knowledge, skills and practical orientation ...

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This project aims at virtualization of currency supported by finger print authentication in place of Credit cards & ATM/Debit cards. We assure them a secured cloud service for all the transactions which will be updated in real time ...

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Iignis Innovation Labs– Campus Company:

  • Íignis Innovations Lab is a first campus venture of Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore. Íignis Innovations Lab is the brainchild of two of the members of faculty of the Department of Information Science and Engineering and three of my students of the same department who dared to dream and saw potential in their surroundings to create a work-study program on Campus for the betterment of society.
  • Íignis started off with a few projects coming in as paid internships to a group of students and is now a parent of its own products and services. One being the NotesApp, a step into the digitization revolution which the Government of India unduly encourages. The other being a training facility to inculcate in students the love for technology. Íignis is also in the prototyping stage of a new technology which hasn't seen the daylight in our country.
Innovative Projects funded by IEDC


Project 1: πPad

Abstract:- The tablet based on raspberry pi model B main board would be the world smallest main board ever designed the tablet will have a special feature of booting two operating systems within a single main board. The weight of the tablet will be less than other tablets currently available in market. The most important feature of the tablet would be its low cost making it affordable a wide range of customers.

Team: -

Nithin Daniel Jacob – 8th Semester, ISE

Sumeet Kumar – 8th Semester, ISE

Nilesh Kumar – 8th Semester, ISE


Abstract:- "smog" is an air pollution controller with a mechanism for switching on the vacuum suction fan through a timer /sensor. Multiple filters would be used.

The aim of the project is to minimize or prevent emissions by placing the "smog" (air pollution controller) in places where there is air pollution.

“Smog” would provide a safe technology for protecting the environment by controlling major ill-effects of pollution.

Team: -

P.S.Vyshnavi – 8th Semester, ISE

Baghyashree.k – 8th Semester, ISE

Megha – 8th Semester, ISE

Meghana – 8th Semester, ISE

Project 3: THE "iPAY" PROJECT

This project aims at virtualization of currency supported by finger print authentication in place of Credit cards and ATM/Debit cards. Users will have a secured cloud service for all the transactions that will be updated in real time. With 'Pay by Touch' shopping mall or supermarket customers would not use cash or credit cards. Fingerprint-authorized transactions are subsequently deducted from customer accounts.

The team is headed by Pruthvi.N.Shetty, 6th Semester ISE student.


The NODU project has been selected for funding by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell (IEDC) for the year 2011-12. The goal of NODU project is to develop a system that determines the 3-Dimensional coordinates of a person's gaze. This enables the user to use their eyes as pointer. The team is headed by AnirudhAsokan, 6th Semester ISE student. This project was shortlisted for the second round of Intel® India Embedded Challenge 2012.

Solution to Backdoor Viruses

The project "Solutions to Back Door Viruses" was selected for funding by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell (IEDC) for the year2010-11. The team is headed by Mohan Kumar of fourth year of ISE.

Projects for NMIT

Project 1: Online Feedback System

The 'NMIT Online Feedback System' is a web application developed in Visual Studio IDE using ASP.Net. This application consists of multiple feedback questionnaires based on TEQIP format.

A feedback interface for each subject and corresponding faculty member is provided with a prescribed set of questions. The feedback follows a grading pattern on a scale of 1 to 5 where 5 is the highest score.

The responses are analyzed using Google analytics and an excel file containing the values given as feedback is generated. A comprehendible graphical representation of the user feedback is generated for further analysis.

The results of the feedback are reported to the individual department HODs as well as the Dean (Academic) both in hard and soft copies.

Project 2: The SMS Notification Module

The SMS Notification Module facilitates transparency, by keeping the students and parents updated about important information such as: Student performance details, Attendance reports, important circulars on a weekly basis.

The SMS Notification System is developed and maintained by Amigo Inc. Work is underway on a dedicated and self-owned SMS gateway to be implemented in college.

Entrepreneurship Activities

IEDC Activities
  • IEDC-NMIT has organized a one Day Seminar on 'Entrepreneurship Process-Part1' in April 2013. This was organized by Prof. Suryabrat in association with 'National Entrepreneurship Network'.
  • IEDC-NMIT has organized a one Day Seminar on 'How to Start a TechVenture' in April 2013. This was organized by Mr. Madi Reddy Nagaraj, MD VXL Instruments in association with 'National Entrepreneurship Network'.
  • Entrepreneurship an alternate career option, March-2012.
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp, December 2011.

Amigo Inc.

Amigo Inc. is the first campus company, currently undergoing registration. Amigo is a tech start-up by four of students in our department – Pruthvi N Shetty, SankalpAsthik G K, Prajwal G Pawar and Anil Gadiyar H J. Amigo provides customized software solutions to clients. The company has provided solutions like Online Feedback System, SMS Notification Module and Online Results all of which are used in the college. Amigo is developing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for educational institutions. Amigo Inc. is also in talks with potential venture capitalists in the city for angel funding.

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