Achievements & Awards

Innovative Project
  • Internship at College in USA
    • ​​
    • To promote matters of mutual academic interest, NMIT has signed a MoU with ​​North Dakota State University​ (​NDSU​)​ which ​is ​a renowned Land Grant Research University. NDSU is located in Fargo in the State of North Dakota, USA.​ Under the banner of this MoU there are internship opportunities for NMIT students.
    • Ms.Amruthavarshini, Dept. of ISE, has been selected to do her Internship cum project work at NDSU. The internship will be for a six month period starting from January 2017. Amruthavarshini will have a unique global exposure in learning and execution of advanced technologies.
  • PranithHengavalli, Student of ISE have participated in the following events and won various prizes.

    • The One Day Hack Project (Under25 summit)
      He was the finalists in this event, and  won a Raspberry Pi 2, a Teewe and invites to the Startup India conference. He built Broget, which combined the torrent protocol with remote download boxes to build a powerful new way to distribute content. (09/01/16 - 10/01/16)
    • Startup India Launch Conference (Delhi)
      A conference organised by the government of India, attended by many eminent names in the Indian and global startup scene. In the final hour of the conference, PM Narendra Modi announced the new government schemes targeting new entrepreneurs. (16/01/16)
    • Kairos Meets (Delhi) -
      The Kairos Society is a global network of entrepreneurs and investors that regularly holds meets for its fellows. The meet was an informal gathering, and our student had a great chance to discuss business models of some existing companies with their founders. I'd like to look into becoming a kairos fellow in the future. (15/01/16 - 18/01/16)
    • Microsoft DSSC hackathon, IISc -
      The challenge was mainly to implement Microsoft Azure machine learning into an app. He built an app that learns from annual power outage data, correlates it to weather data, and predicts future outages. (29/01/16 - 30/01/16)
  • Project “Automation of Data Entry from Handwritten Documents” was awarded the certificate for participation in the RUSI Award which was selected by Rotary Bangalore Udyog.

    Faculty Advisors: Dr. Sanjay H.A, Mrs. Vidyadevi Biradar
    Student Team: BhowmikaChalla, Sanjana N N, MounikaPatil, Bharathi Agarwal

  • Project “HuLiTe Sensor Module for IoT Dashboard” was awarded the certificate for participation in the RUSI Award which was selected by Rotary Bangalore Udyog.
  • Faculty Advisors: Dr. Sanjay H.A., Mr. Preetham N
    Student Team: Rachana Kulkarni, Poojitha.V.D, Shruti Radhakrishnan, Pooja M.G

  • Project 'iPay' won 2nd place (Prize money of Rs.75,000) from among 1357 projects registered across India for the Unisys Cloud 20/20 V5 – India's largest demonstrable student project of the year.
  • Faculty Advisors: Dr. Sanjay H.A., Mr. Preetham N
  • Student Team: Anil Gadiyar HJ, Prajwal G Pawar, Pruthvi N Shetty, SankalpAsthik GK
  • SharathBabu S, Akhia M Rao, Manjunath P, ShaikHussain Ahmed, Sunil Kumar R attended student start-ups on SAP HANA. This was conducted by SAP labs and it was a nation-wide competition. The NMIT team was selected for funding.
  • Students, Prajwal G Pawar and Pruthvi N Shetty were among the top few students selected from across India to participate at the INK Live Conference held at FLAME School of Business, Pune (Oct 2012).
  • Students Anil Gadiyar H.J and Ranjani P qualified for the final round of HITACHI Programmer's Marathon 2013 held at Bangalore (Oct 2013).
  • Five students were a part of the 'Design Patterns in Practice' workshop held at PESIT, Bangalore South Campus in March 2013. The students were Anil Gadiyar HJ, Athrey V Ram, Prajwal G Pawar, Pruthvi N Shetty, SankalpAsthik GK.
  • Apoorva V Gowda, Rajeshwari K.V, Prajwal G Pawar, Anil Gadiyar H.J, Pruthvi N Shetty&SankalpAsthik G.K participated in Aspiration 2020 code contest held in association with Infosys in October 2013.
  • Students of semester 8 Shreyas.R, RakshithRai, Vinay.G have participated in National Football tournaments and cricket tournaments.

Extra Curricular Achievements by the Students

The students of the department are involved in curricular activities.
  • Gopinath of 8th Sem (2012) received the memento from his Excellence H.R.Bharadwaj, Governor of Karnataka for highest collection of funds, for the National Association for Blind (NAAB).
  • Students of 8th Sem (2012) vizPavanShetty, Sagar.S and Fravin F participated in various National football tournament and cricket tournaments.
  • Student of 8th sem(2012) Abhishek R participated in VTU level basketball tournament
  • Students of 8th sem(2012) Nishanth P participated in VTU level volleyball.
  • Student of 8th sem(2012) SejalRai and AnamikaRathore represented college fashion show team in various intercollegiate fests.
  • Student of 8th sem(2012) Navaneeth and Megha(6th sem 2012) represented college dance team in various intercollegiate fest and won several prizes.
  • Bharathi Agarwal of 6th semester ISE had a Weapon Training classes with Self Loading Rifle, SLR 7.62mm conducted in the month of August 2012.Institutional training, which includes drill, weapon training, signals etc have imparted to all the cadets during the classes held on Saturdays and Sundays. NCC cadets participated in trekking program to Mullayangiri.

Our student Akhila Rao of 8th semester is a professional dancer. Here is the list of her achievements:

  • Hampiutsavasrikrishnadevaray's 500 years celebration, Hampi.
  • KitturUtsava, sponsored by Karanataka and Cultural department, Kittur.
  • Kannada RajosthavaCelebration, Goa.
  • NruthejaRoopakotsava, organised by south zone culture centreTanjavoor and Kannada and Cultural department, Chitradurga
Faculty Achievement - Research
  • Dr. Sanjay H A has been given the "Seed Money to Young Scientist for Research" award to pursue scientific research by VGST, Govt of Karnataka.
  • Department of Information Technology, New Delhi has Funded only 2 research projects which are proposed by researchers of Non-Government organizations till date, in that one of the project is proposed by Dr. Sanjay and Ms. Ashwini J P
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