Recognized Research center for Visvesvasaraya Technological University and University of Mysore.Faculty with 6 PhDs and 10 others pursuing PhD. Faculty have Teaching, Industrial and Research experience..

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To achieve academic excellence in Electronics and Communication Engineering, thus enabling students to have enhanced opportunities in the evolving global industrial scenario. To institutionalize academic, engineering and ethical culture,...

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Project details of various projects such as Investigation of Neural Network Architecture for Image Compressions, Student Satellite project (Student Sat-II) and many others are listed here...

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M.Tech–Digital Communication & Networking

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering offers a two-year PG program in Digital Communication and Networking since the year 2012 with an annual intake of 18 students. This PG program is affiliated to VTU, Belgaum. Students take courses related to communication engineering and networking concepts. The program is over four semesters. The third semester is dedicated to the Internship program. During the fourth semester students take up project work per the university guidelines. The students can take up the internship and project work at various public and private sectors or at institutes of higher learning like IISC Bangalore. Students can also do their internship and project work in research labs at NMIT. The research Center for Small Satellite Research and the Center for Nano-materials and MEMS have state-of-the-art infrastructure.


Title of the Project

Anitha M Mallurkar

Hardware implementation of PCASIFT

Beena R Shetty

Performance Enhancement of Reliable Reactive Routings

Kamalakshi A Bevur

Design of 900 MHz Transmitter Antenna & Receiver Antenna For Wireless Sensor Network

Nidhi Shree M V

Fast image stitching using multiple constraint feature matching

Nithin N E

Design of 2.4 GHz Transmitter Antenna & Receiver Antenna

Paturi Soma Sekhar Reddy

An Efficient Architecture of FFT and IFFT and LTE Based OFDM

Sharanu Patil

Design & implementation of omnidirectional microstrip antenna

Shilpa V

Metamaterial based multiband radar absorbers for stealth applications

Shree Harsha P M

A Bluetooth Low Energy Implantable Glucose Monitoring System

Shruthi T S

Multimedia on data network with SCTP

Srinidhi Priyanka T G

Sparse Channel Estimation for Multicarrier Underwater
Acoustic Communication

Sushma Shankarappa

Design of 60 GHz Transmitter Antenna &Receiver Antenna

Swaroop S M

Secured Data Hiding & Transmission Over Networks for LSB
Based Steganography Using Visual Cryptography & Genetic Algorithm

Thanmaya H R

Dynamically Reconfigurable Architecture for Image Processing

Harshitha R

Enhancement of Authenticated Routing Protocol for Manet's in
Adversarial Environments


EDAL-An energy-efficient, Delay-aware, &lifetive Balancing
Data Collection Protocol for heterogeneous WSN

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