The Civil Engineering department has highly qualified and competent faculty members who are known for their area of expertize. Many faculty members are engaged in research activities and pursuing a Doctorate program (PhD).

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To be one among the topnotch Civil Engineering departments in India, create Centre of Excellence, to provide globally competent Civil Engineering graduates serving the needs of the society and sustainable development..

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Civil Engineering Graduates will be able to take up Challenging roles in industry to become successful Entrepreneurs. Civil Engineering Graduates will engage themselves in lifelong learning by taking up ..

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Several innovative projects are executed in the department. These projects pertain to alternative building materials, safe guarding the environment from waste materials and geo-polymers.

Under the subject of alternative building material, work is In this area utilization of fly ash, GGBS, Iron ore tailings, copper ore tailings, stone dust, and coir fibers are made to use for producing low cost building materials without sacrificing the fundamental properties of material.

A new area in the direction of geo polymer concrete is under consideration for investigations. In this area the fundamental properties of materials are studied and an attempt is made to produce the construction materials for different required compressive strengths. This will reduce emission of carbon-di-oxide which is because of cement industries which is environment friendly.

Also a attempt is made to utilize solid waste in the production of construction materials and also to safe guard the environment from solid waste disposal to some extent. Here the solid waste is used to produce table tops, small beams, bricks, with some binder material. It is cost effective and durable as like of that wood.

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