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Alumni Association

  • The Alumni Association was started in the year 2005
  • Alumni Enrolled: 1500+
  • Last meeting of Alumni Office Bearer: 22 September 2010
Highlights of the Alumni
  • Conduct seminars and talks on industry relevant topics. A few are listed below:
    • Opportunities for Engineers in Navy by Mr. Antaryami Alumnus of Mechanical Department
    • Higher Studies in the USA by Mr. Harish M.R. Rao Alumnus of Mechanical Department
  • Help in Training and Placement by providing guidance to students
  • Participation in the Board of Studies to provide inputs on the change in curriculum
Office Bearers





Mr. Vinay Karade (CSE)

Student President


Mr. Mitrapal (MBA)

Vice President


Mr. Chetan (ME)

Vice President


Ms. Bhavya (EEE)

Vice President


Mr. Sandesh Karanth (CSE)



Mr. Manohar (ISE)

Joint Secretary


Mr. Madhukar Bhandary (ECE)


The third alumni meet was held on 27th April 2014. The event was attended by about 150 members. Alumni provided valuable contributions in terms answering surveys regarding, the effectiveness of the courses taught during their BE, for their smooth transition into the industry, their ability to self learn, managerial skills etc. There was some fruitful discussion between the alumni and faculty members. Some of the suggestions were taken note of, and some industry relevant subjects have been included in the latest curriculum.

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